The order is a binding offer. The photographer can choose to accept this offer within 2 days by sending an

accept the order confirmation or by sending the ordered photographs to the customer within this period. A contract

between the photographer and the customer comes about when the customer sends an order and this is done in writing by the photographer

is confirmed by email.

Only image files will be sent.

The digitization, storage and reproduction of the photographer's photographs on data carriers of all kinds requires prior written consent

Photographer's consent. The transfer of usage rights does not include the right to storage and reproduction if this

right has not been expressly transferred. The dissemination of the photographer's photographs on the Internet and intranets, in online databases, in

electronic archives that are not only intended for the customer's Internet use, on diskettes, CD-ROM or similar data carriers

only permitted on the basis of a special agreement between the photographer and the customer.

The transfer of digitized photographs on the Internet and on intranets and on data carriers and devices that are intended for public reproduction

screens or for the production of soft and hard copies requires the prior written consent of the photographer.

The reproduction and distribution of edits made by the photographer electronically require prior written consent

Photographer's consent.

The photographer is not obliged to hand over data carriers, files and data to the customer unless this has been expressly agreed in writing


If the customer wishes the photographer to provide him with data carriers, files and data, this must be agreed and paid for separately.

If the photographer has made data carriers, files and data available to the customer, these may only be used with the prior consent of the photographer

to be changed.

Risks and costs of transporting data carriers, files and data online and offline lie with the customer; the manner of transmission

can be determined by the customer.

The photographer is entitled to the copyright to the photographs in accordance with copyright law.

The use (through advertising, advertisements, publication, etc.) of the photographs I produce is subject to a fee. All rights of

Dissemination, also through film, television, photomechanical reproduction, storage and recovery in data processing systems of all kinds,

The photographer reserves the right to reproduce, digitally edit and feed (via CD, Internet, e-mail, other data carriers, etc.).

The photographs produced by the photographer are basically only intended for the client's own use. Transfers the photographer

Unless otherwise expressly agreed, only the simple right of use is transferred to his works.

A transfer of usage rights requires the special agreement.

The customer of a photograph i. S. from § 60 UrhG has no right to reproduce and distribute the photograph, if not the corresponding ones

rights of use have been transferred. § 60 UrhG is expressly waived. When using the photographs, the photographer can do nothing

otherwise agreed, demand to be named as the author of the photograph. A violation of the right to be named entitles the

Photographers for damages.