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Briefly about the discounts, which of course also exist: these count when ordering in the range of €16 and €24. These are available from 5 i.e. 10 images. Important: they are independent of the event and also independent of the rider!!!!!! Example: Anna Siemer orders 3 pictures for 16€ (Luhmühlen 2022) and Ayleen Stuhr also orders 2 pictures for 16€ each (Westergellersen 2023). These are ordered together and you no longer pay 16€ per picture but only 13€ or from 10 pictures only 10€ per picture!!!!!

Of course the pictures will also be labeled in 2024! One for me

absolute matter of course.

Please click on the thumbnails and the image will become final

greater !

The images may only be cropped and processed after ordering

the exposure improved.

The sizes medium and large are now available for orders of 5 or 10

Image files discounts!!!!


Operation search engine:

For example, you give Nadine Marzahl a long wait and far too many pictures

They give Nadine Marzahl FRH Valentine  oh shorter waiting time and just FRH Valentine.

They give Nadine Marzahl Niederstöcken 2022  oh only pictures of Nadine Marzahl from Niederstöcken

Or you can enter Nadine Marzahl cross-country horses A and only the corresponding pictures will appear (you can of course add the event and year).

Please do not pay any attention to "ä,ü,ö,'- or anything similar

to enter. Always ae,oe,ue all other special characters at all

do not specify.

Enjoy browsing

Chrissy Jahnke